Akashic Records Reading and Clearing

Divine Serenity is a modality that uses information from your Akashic Records to help you live a better life, and work towards self-development. It helps you gain understanding about who you are at soul level, your life purpose, your karmic patterns, and their effect in your daily life. It helps you break free of your negative patterns so that you are empowered to manifest your goals and create the life you want to live.

Your Akashic records are an energetic storehouse of information of all your human experiences,  thoughts, and actions over all of your life-times, since the inception of your soul.  They are present in a non-physical plane in the Fifth Dimension.  I, being an Energy Reader in the Akashic Records, get you your information and patterns of choices, that you may not be fully conscious of, and give you your Akashic reading.  Through your Akashic reading, you can gain awareness of the negative karmic patterns that you have instigated either in one of your past lives, or in your present life, and how these patterns are negatively affecting you in your everyday life.

Most often, we get so used to suffering the consequences of our negative choices, that we hardly realize that life can be better and peaceful.  We sometimes get so used to becoming victims of people or situations that we conveniently blame it on fate.  Little do we realize, that we are Divine Beings with the power to attract what we want, and dispel what we do not want.

How it Works

Once you request for a reading, I ask you for your basic information such as 

Your Current name 

Name at birth 

Date of birth 

Place of birth 

Your intention for getting your Akashic reading 

After I receive your details, I check the accessibility to your Akashic Records, and then send you a payment link of PayPal, or Google Pay, or Paytm, whichever you prefer.  You can make a payment of INR 5000 or USD$ 85, as per your convenience.  Please email me once your payment is made.

I then access your Akashic Records to prepare your reading, and I get back to you in about 7 days (usually faster) to schedule our live session.  I connect on phone, Skype, or Zoom as per your convenience.  If you belong to a different time zone, a mutually convenient time is worked out.

I give you a one hour session about your Divine Soul Blueprint, Your Soul Profile, and your negative karmic patterns, all gathered from the most authentic and Divine source of information – your Akashic Records.  I also let you know of how the patterns are affecting you negatively in your life, in the areas of health, finances, relationships, manifesting your goals, etc.  I guide you how you can break free of your negative patterns to live the life of your dreams.  I also place a Clearing request of your blocks and restrictions in your Akashic Records, that is activated by your confirmation during our session. 

After the session, I email you a one page “Transmutation of Energy” to be read once a day for 21 days. I also send you the recording of your session.

You can get an Akashic reading done every six months, to check new patterns you may have created, or old patterns you may not have been ready to clear earlier.  This improves consciousness about yourself, and guidance towards living your life in alignment with your divinity.

Realize the power within you, know what is holding you back, understand your blocks and restrictions, and clear them right away .

Get your 1 hour 1:1 session


Akashic Reading For Property Clearing
(15-minute 1:1 Session)

Does it sometimes make you wonder that no matter how much effort you put in, you don’t get as much as you deserve? It is possible that there may be a vibrational misalignment between you and your place of residence. Some of us are very sensitive to our environment. Clearing of the energies of your home not in alignment with your Divine Self-expression can help you manifest your dreams. Energetic Realignment of properties can be done to the house that you own, the house that you have rented, or taken on lease. It can also be done to your workplace, if you either own it, have rented it, or taken it on lease. If you want to sell your property, and the deal is simply not getting fixed, or getting delayed, for no obvious reason, it will do good to get an energetic clearing of the property done.

How it works – I will ask you for your property address, and access the Akashic Record of your property on my own time. We can then schedule a session of 15 min during which I will tell you about the blocks and restrictions and negative energies or entities affecting your property and its inhabitants. I will ask you for a verbal confirmation of the clearing before which I will place a clearing request in the Akashic record of your property. There will be no recording necessary, nor any work to be done on your side after the session.



Dr. Chitra Munshi

Psychological Counsellor

Preeti has a flair to communicate with clarity, the complex science of an Akashic record reading.  She is passionate about this field and this was reflected by her ability to share key insights during our Akashic session.  Everything that we discussed, echoed with my inner feelings about self and it all started making much sense to me. Earlier, I was trying to understand certain events and difficulties that I was facing. Many of the answers that I was seeking were found through our session.  I thank Preeti for sharing solutions to some of the challenges that she highlighted which I plan to take forward and integrate into my life.  I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with her, and I would like to recommend others to explore this intuitive science with her.


Vijay Sai

Risk Analyst

I would first like to thank Preeti for bringing a change in my life through Akashic reading and healing process.  She has the gift of the gab where she rightly chooses words along with the flow of the various stages of the session. 

It helped me understand whatever she said in the easiest and most convenient way. During the akashic reading and healing –First it was hard to digest the issues which came out of the readings, there was so much of extra baggage I was carrying unconsciously and it was standing as a block in whatever activity I did.  It turned out to be the primary reason for my unhappiness and misfortune; it was also taking all my energies and I was in an extremely energy-depleted state.

Savita-Raheja-768x1024 (1)

Savita Raheja

Educational Coach

I had a fabulous session with Preeti. It was a true eye-opener. I became conscious of my choices and actions that were not acting in congruence to my Divine Soul Blueprint. It has lead to a closer and clearer understanding of my authentic self.

Savita-Raheja-768x1024 (1)

Shakti Ganesh


It was an enlightening session with Preeti. After the akashic reading and clearing, I feel a vast difference in my life. I have developed courage from within, and the strange or weird fear which I had within myself is now gone. I feel light and happy from within. I feel Akashic reading should be done at-least once in our lifetime. I feel that I am gifted having come to know what is in my Records. Thanks a lot Preeti🙏🙏🙏.


Dr. Neelam Yadav


Having my Akashic record read and cleared by Preeti has been an awesome experience for me. I am totally amazed by the wealth of information I have received with my reading. Preeti provided explanations for questions I had regarding aspects of my personality. The way she analysed and presented information from my Akashic records was really wonderful and amazing. I am thankful for all the positive changes in my life because of her.


Samiksha Jadhav


Huge Break-through, a Huge Spiritual and Emotional Leap: 
The whole universe seemed to be all set to bring to me the answers and justifications that I anxiously and impatiently awaited for long time.  My Akashic records reading by Dr. Preeti proved to be not just a ray of hope, but a huge break- through, a huge spiritual and emotional leap that unstuck me from midst of emotional blocks and turbulence and re-cherish my memories.
Advanced Interpretations:
Preeti’s session helped me understand my Divine gifts and accept myself the person that I am.  It was overwhelming to know about myself much more than what I knew.  The best part of the session was her clarity in explaining complex spiritual ideas with such great ease and clarity; and the most important was her advanced interpretations…..


Neha Dalal


Having my Akashic records read by Dr. Preeti has been a life-changing experience. Everything she said resonated at the very core-level to me. Even more overwhelmingly positive experience was the clearing prayer given by her. I could notice shifts in my being from the second day of reading the prayer. The shifts felt very subtle and yet extremely real and noticeable. I was also motivated to have the Akashic records of my 9 year old daughter read by Preeti. I feel even more grateful for this experience as I now know the soul-level information about my daughter, making me realize the kind of parenting she requires, rather than projecting my ideas of parenting on her. Preeti is a thorough professional, and answered my queries even 2 to 3 days after the session. My hearty thanks to her.


Chinmay Kishore Joshi

Data Analyst

I felt a huge powerful shift after few days of my session. Now, every day I walk out of my office with a new sense of being and balance.  It was my first time to an Akashic Reading session with Preeti, but I immediately got connected to her, which allowed me to share more, and appropriate environment.  There were many moments when I left the appropriate track.  Now, I can feel the huge difference in understanding people around. I got a new perspective to tackle every problem. Thank you Preeti for helping me along my spiritual journey and to move forward in my professional life with this enlightenment. You are a gracious and mind blowing person creating wonders in others’ lives.  I can feel positive energy cycles. Even though I am in the initial stages of processing, this has been a life changing experience for me.


Lalchand Raheja

Business Man

At first, before an Akashic reading session from Preeti Vaswani, I booked my reading just out of curiosity and fun, without having much belief in it. But once I received my Akashic session, peace decended on me, as if I have put down a burden I was carrying. From then on, I am enjoying sound sleep. It is an awesome experience. If you want to be the Captain of your soul and maker of your destiny, then this reading is definitely for you, and you will experience a visible difference. May God bless all who ever read these words I have written. I assure you that you will be climbing the ladder of success with one hand, and with the other hand, helping others climb.


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