Akashic Records Reading and Clearing

About Me

I am Dr. Preeti Vaswani, (Ph.D.), an Energy reader in the Akashic Records, giving Akashic readings for self development and Spiritual transformation.

I started teaching in college soon after my Post Graduation in English Language and Literature, and simultaneously, pursued my Ph.D. in Existentialism at Bharatidasan University, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, India.

I started off on my spiritual journey and personal growth when I was in my twenties, to explore answers to questions about my life, about patterns that were showing up in my life, about my purpose for incarnating on this planet, about the purpose of my soul, and about the secrets of Creation.

I started reading books in Psychology and Spirituality to understand myself more consciously and deeply. I activated my Kundalini at a Spiritual workshop with masters, read books on Chakras, Raising your vibrations, the Fifth Dimension, and the Akashic Records. I did courses in Kundalini and Chakra meditation, Intuitive Development, Akashic Records, and Soul Realignment. After my certification in Soul Realignment, a modality taught by Andrrea Hess from USA, I became a practitioner in Soul Realignment, an Energy Reader in the Akashic Records.

I live in Mumbai with my husband and son, teaching Communication Skills in college, and giving Akashic Readings to clients. Doing these sessions for my clients is as satisfying and fulfilling as doing it for myself and my family. The more readings I offer, the deeper gets my conviction that I am living my life’s purpose.

I work with a sense of balance, satisfaction, and fulfilment, and live my life too, in this way. I wish you all a happy and empowered living.