Akashic Records Reading and Clearing

Samiksha Jadhav



Huge Break-through, a Huge Spiritual and Emotional Leap:

The whole universe seemed to be all set to bring to me the answers and justifications that I anxiously and impatiently awaited for long time.  My Akashic records reading by Dr. Preeti proved to be not just a ray of hope, but a huge break- through, a huge spiritual and emotional leap that unstuck me from midst of emotional blocks and turbulence and re-cherish my memories.

Advanced Interpretations:

Preeti’s session helped me understand my Divine gifts and accept myself the person that I am.  It was overwhelming to know about myself much more than what I knew.  The best part of the session was her clarity in explaining complex spiritual ideas with such great ease and clarity; and the most important was her advanced interpretations about connections of past life-times’ patterns to current lifetime and how these affect the current lifetime’s situations, incidents, relations and individual behavior.  These interpretations helped me to free myself from all mental and emotional blocks that I was longing to get rid-off.

Benefited my Family :

Her sessions have benefited me and my family immensely because, I now know their purpose to be in my life.  My perception about them has altogether changed after the readings, and I am now able to maintain positivity in my relations rather than getting stuck emotionally and mentally.  I strongly recommend her session for anyone who is interested in spiritual development.

Lessons for Life :

The session gave me a giant reason and justification for me to let go things.  It gave me peace of mind that I waited for.  Above all, it taught me some lessons.

1. People in our life and situations in our life come with some purpose.  We need to know and understand it and then decide how to act.

2. Never judge any one. No one is perfect. And that, we see our own reflections in the universe.  So, without judging, Accept, Forgive and Let go.