Akashic Records Reading and Clearing

Vijay Sai

Risk Analyst


I would first like to thank Preeti for bringing a change in my life through Akashic reading and healing process.  She has the gift of the gab where she rightly chooses words along with the flow of the various stages of the session.  It helped me understand whatever she said in the easiest and most convenient way.

During the akashic reading and healing –

First it was hard to digest the issues which came out of the readings, there was so much of extra baggage I was carrying unconsciously,and it was standing as a block in whatever activity I did.  It turned out to be the primary reason for my unhappiness and misfortune; it was also taking all my energies and I was in an extremely energy-depleted state.

After the reading and healing –

All the negative and unwanted blocks were removed which resulted in the following:

1. Greater Confidence in whatever I take up.

2. Enhanced power to manifest things in life (which used to take ages prior to the session).

3. Nullification of the negative karma through conscious retaliation and making the right choices.

4. Better social life and enhanced family bonding.

5. Chakra issues rectified.

6. Spiritual energy multiplied by aligning my actions to my soul purpose.

7. Health issues solved which were primarily caused through energy depletion.

8. Answers to all the issues and the blessings in my life.

9. Better Living

10. Self transformation.

There is so much of negativity in the world that every alternate person is a victim of adversity and misfortune.

I highly recommend to have at-least one Akashic reading and healing in your lifetime.  The results and benefits are unprecedented.